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NEW RELEASE - Courting Kate by Tori Kron

We've been waiting so excited for this day! Congratulations author Tori Kron for your release of Courting Kate! We couldn't be any more in love with Tori or her books! Courting Kate is a Slam Dunk!

Courting Kate

Book 1 of the Panther Player Series

By Tori Kron

Slapped with court ordered community service for brawling—again, Miller Cassidy, the Indianapolis Panther’s star player, is forced into laboring under stodgy non-profit supervisor, Kate Gallagher. Her saving grace — she happens to be best friends with Stella, the woman he’s been chasing for years. Despite the masses falling for his charm, Kate doesn’t care for Miller’s notorious reputation or his flippant behavior. But wanting to impress her strict boss, she agrees to a trade that could give them both a shot at success. Propelled into an unlikely alliance, Miller finds himself taking a defensive stance when he sees beyond Kate’s hard exterior. And Kate is equally thrown off guard when she discovers there’s more to Miller than games. But is love worth sacrificing friendship? And can Miller let go of the feelings for Stella he’s held onto for years? In love and basketball, it’s five fouls and you’re out, and every play counts.

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