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COVER REVEAL - Your Words Count by Lacey Impellizeri

Our Little Acorn is growing into a a mighty oak! She already had a love for everything inside of books, but while working at Acorn Publishing, Lacey Impellizeri discovered a love for the outside of books too!

We're so proud to have cultivated this love with you Lacey. Your cover looks amazing!

Your Words Count

A Writing and Editing Planner to Help You Finish Your Book

by Lacey Impellizeri

A large format intensive 6-Month writing and editing planner to help you finish your book.

The best time to start writing your book is now.

Your Words Count is an interactive 6-month creative writing planner to help motivate you to improve your writing habits and help you discover the discipline needed to finish your novel.

Designed to be picked up any time of the year, or in any phase of the process, this workbook serves as a daily accountability journal. With sections on weekly reflection, character creation, story outlining, and marketing and publishing advice, Your Words Count serves as the ultimate guide for the beginning of your writing career.

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