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Before we were publishers, we were writers. And while we take great pride in helping others make their dreams come true, it's awesome when we get to see our own blossom into reality as well. Writing will always be our first love.

Today marks the release of LOST GIRL: A Shelby Day Novel. We are SO excited to share it with you. Congrats to Acorn Publishing's co-founder Holly Kammier!! LOST GIRL is a thrilling start to an amazing series.

An appalling act of violence and an unsolved double-murder.Small-town investigative reporter, Shelby Day, is determined to hunt a killer. As her search draws closer to uncovering the twisted truth, she begins receiving ominous warnings to stay quiet and drop the story. The young journalist is in danger. Her charming cameraman and best-friend, a person with his own secret past, says he wants to protect her. But Shelby is headstrong and dodging anything that could lead to love. She can't allow anyone to distract her as she fights for the two women who deserve justice.She never expects along the way she'll have to stop and save herself.Ticktock… If Shelby doesn’t solve the crime soon, she’ll become the killer’s next victim.

Grab your copy today

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