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COVER REVEAL - Keep Forever

Look at this GORGEOUS cover!!

Congrats on this beautiful new edition of KEEP FOREVER, Alexa Kingaard.

We love it so much!

APRIL 30, 2020

Keep Forever

By Alexa Kingaard

Now that Paul O’Brien has returned from serving in Vietnam, he wants nothing more than to piece together a meaningful life. But the war-spawned, guilt-driven nightmares won't stop haunting him. Elizabeth, the woman who loves him most, is committed to helping him overcome the obstacles in their path. ​

Despite living in an era where veterans refuse to speak of their pain, are ignored by the bureaucracy that put them in harm's way, and are vilified by public opinion, the couple is determined to live in love. Together, they struggle a lifetime with the challenges of raising a family and learn to accept the realities of living with the burden that Paul brought home.

In the shadows of the Vietnam War, tens of thousands of veterans keep silent, even amongst themselves. Their children are witness to the travesty of war, seen through the eyes of their fathers who, in spite of themselves, leave behind legacies of light, love, and understanding.


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