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NEW AUTHOR - Li-Ying Lundquist

Wings of Silk

by Li-Ying Lundquist

November 2021

After surviving a childhood under the oppressive rule of Chairman Mao’s “Cultural Revolution", a young, courageous teenager abandons her life in China for the freedom of the unknown in America.

Arriving at the New York City doorstep of family members she’s never met, Ying-Ying has been promised they’ll help her learn English and accomplish her dream of attaining a college degree. But weeks later, she’s kicked without explanation.

Now a homeless immigrant, Ying-Ying must learn who to trust, how to find work, and how to succeed in a bustling metropolis that looks the other way.

Overcoming obstacles of abandonment, heartbreak, and injustice, in a foreign land, she never gives up on becoming a woman who will impact the world. An incredible story of second chances and fierce determination, Wings of Silk, reminds the reader that underneath the fragile form of an individual, a strong and resilient heart is always ready to take flight.



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