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NEW AUTHOR - Paul D. Olsen

Phone Warriors

by Paul D. Olsen

Summer 2021

Exposing the Dirty Tricks and Unscrupulous Tactics Used by AT&T and other Villains in the Telecom Wars of the 1970s

For most of the 20th Century, one name presided over the American telephone industry. Ma Bell, a behemoth monopoly that ruled telecom like a Cold War dictator, was a sophisticated network of AT&T companies that controlled the telephone world until its mandated break-up in 1982. The general public, accustomed to the sleek and sophisticated business of wireless carriers, was unaware of the misdeeds and unethical activities at Ma Bell. Full of exclusive interviews with industry insiders who reveal a picture of deplorable actions and fly-by-night practices, Phone Warriors exposes the ruthless extent to which AT&T attempted to protect its monopoly. Author Paul Olsen found himself in the center of a telecom war, uniquely positioned to tell these true stories of scandal and success that surrounded the largest company in the world.



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