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RELEASE DAY - The Last Stop

This book has been close to our hearts from the beginning. We are so happy to see it finally out in the world. Congrats on your release, Patricia!


by Patricia Street

The true story of a son's battle with addiction and a mother's struggle with loss. David is only fifteen years old when he first feels morphine flow through his veins after his foot is crushed in the hydraulics of a Bobcat. From that moment on he chases the feeling for the rest of his life. Alcohol, marijuana, cocaine - he goes through drugs like candy, but it isn't until he finds heroin that he is satisfied. Through his personal correspondence and essays, David's story unfolds as he goes from being an average American kid who loves sports, racing around on his skateboard, and writing stories, to being a heroin addict. His heartbreaking journey deepens as he takes his family with him down the dark and dangerous road of heroin addiction. In 2014, David loses the battle, leaving his mother, Pat, to cope. Grieving a death from addiction is two-fold. After already losing her son to addiction, Pat has to find a way to grieve his death. The Last Stop reveals intimate and detailed scenes of living the life of an addict and explores the mistakes and ways for families who love the addict to cope. David's story gives hope for families immersed in the life-altering aspects of active addiction and empathy for those left behind when recovery stops being a choice.


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