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When it Comes to Publishing, Waiting can be the Hardest Part

You've done what most others have failed to do. You've written a manuscript! For some, the writing and editing was completed in less than a year. For others, it took many years. Now that it's done, you want to get your work published as quickly as possible, but it turns out that Tom Petty was right; waiting is the hardest part.

Publishing a book takes time. More time than many writers realize.

The traditional publishing path is the longest. As anyone whose done it can tell you, it can take months, even years, just to find an agent. Then the agent needs to sell your manuscript. That could be another year, possibly more. And there's no guarantee your agent will be successful.

If your manuscript does sell, the publisher usually will need a year and half or longer to bring it to market. Time slips away, your story ages and frankly, so do you.

Book aging can be a serious problem.

As your story ages, it can become outdated. What's hot today could be replaced by whatever reader's preferences are tomorrow causing your book to miss the market and linger unread without ever finding an audience. And because there's never been a better time for a book to be picked up by Hollywood or Netflix as the next great film or streaming content, if your story isn't out in the world, it can't be found. And you end up missing an opportunity.

If you're an older author.

You may not want to wait years for your book to be published. Time is valuable to everyone but it's especially precious to those with less of it to waste. Besides, you've got other books to write, don't you?

You don't get paid to wait so why would you?

When it comes down to it, there's a real cost to waiting that writers should consider when deciding which path to take on their publishing journey. The cost of missed opportunities, delayed royalties, aging stories and time away from doing what you love.

Acorn's hybrid publishing solution can bring your book to market in as little as eight months. And the quality will be the same or better than what you'll find in the bookstore. We take care of every detail so your book gets out in the world where it can do you the most good and where readers can find and enjoy it. We'll even pitch your story to Hollywood just as we've done for our other authors.

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